Heating systems can be lifesavers here in Spokane. During our cold winters, we’re all grateful to have home heating systems to keep us comfortable. Of course, heating systems can pose their fair share of problems. One of those is leaks. Many people who have boilers naturally expect water leaks. When a furnace is leaking water, though, it can be pretty disconcerting.

At Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we’re here to handle your HVAC problems. That includes furnaces that are leaking water. We want to educate local homeowners, too. If you’re dealing with a leaking furnace, read on to learn more about the problem and how to deal with it.


What Kind of Furnace Do You Have?

If you have a furnace leaking water in winter, or any time of the year for that matter, the first step in resolving the problem is determining what type of furnace you have. Is it a gas furnace or an oil-burning model? Could it be an electric furnace? Those are only a few of the possible differences in furnace types. 

One of the easiest ways to determine the type of furnace you have is to check the flue pipe. This is the pipe that vents exhaust out of your house. If the furnace has a metal pipe, it’s probably a standard furnace. In the event it has a PVC flue pipe, it’s most likely a high-efficiency model.


Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Leaking Water

Furnaces and Air Conditioners may start leaking water for a few reasons. For one, a dirty or clogged filter could be the problem. If the filter gets extremely clogged, it can lead to several problems. One of those is reduced airflow. Without proper airflow, the furnace’s heating coil could freeze. As it thaws, it’ll send water dripping through the unit. That, in turn, could appear to be a water leak.


Damaged Humidifier

Another common reason for a furnace leaking water in Spokane is an integral humidifier. Forced-air heating systems can dry out the air in a home. Some furnaces have built-in humidifiers to combat that problem. 

Although humidifiers offer several benefits, they can also leak. If your furnace is leaking water when the heat is on, the humidifier may just be the problem. Have a professional inspect the furnace and repair it as soon as possible.


Overflowing Drip Pan

Perhaps your furnace is leaking water when the air conditioner is on. If so, the furnace may not actually be leaking water at all. In fact, the air conditioner is probably the culprit. Air conditioners produce condensation that drains into a drip pan. That pan could easily overflow, making it appear as though the furnace is leaking if it’s nearby.


Damaged Condensation Drain

Air conditioners may also have drain lines that carry condensation away from the unit. This may likewise be the cause of what appears to be a furnace leaking water when the A/C is on. Again, it’s really a normal process of the air conditioning system. That being said, the drain line may be damaged, so it’s best to have it checked by an HVAC technician. 


Heat Exchanger Issues

Heat exchangers can cause a furnace to leak water when the heat is on as well. They create condensation while they’re heating a home. That condensation can certainly drip and make it appear as though a furnace is leaking water in winter. This is one of the more uncommon problems among furnaces, but it’s possible nonetheless. 


What to Do About a Leaking Furnace

If you have a gas furnace leaking water, be sure to shut it down as quickly as possible. Then, dry up all the water to prevent further damage to your home and heating system. Once that’s taken care of, call us for help. We’re experts in providing resolution for clients who have a furnace leaking water in Spokane.


Should I Repair or Replace a Leaking Furnace?

Several factors come into play when deciding whether to repair or replace a leaking furnace. In many cases, repairs are all it takes to stop leaks. For older furnaces or those that are seriously damaged, though, replacement may be the better alternative. 


Tips for Hiring a Furnace Repair Company

If you’re looking for a furnace repair company in Spokane, WA, keep a few points in mind. Be sure to find a company that’s experienced in oil and gas furnace leak repairs and qualified to work on all types of heating systems. Choose one that’s local and available around the clock as well to ensure the company is capable of handling your HVAC needs when they arise. Call us at 509-368-9334 or send us an email and we will get back to you.