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Sink Installation & Replacement in Spokane, WA

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most-frequented areas of modern homes, and neither of them would be able to function as intended without working sinks. That’s why Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers expert sink installation and replacement services. We offer only reliable, high-quality products and services, so whether you need a sink replacement or a completely new sink installation, we’ve got you covered.

When to Replace Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks see a lot of daily use. From washing hands and dirty dishes to cleaning fruits and veggies during meal prep, it plays many essential roles. High-quality kitchen sinks made from durable materials can withstand that heavy use for at least a few years, but they still experience wear and tear. Homeowners should keep an eye out for the following signs it’s time to look into a new kitchen sink installation in Spokane, WA to avoid unnecessary hassles and expensive repairs.

1. Water Leaks

A leaky sink can cause all kinds of damage, especially if your kitchen cabinets are made of wood. Even in a best-case scenario, leaky sinks contribute to mold growth, which creates unpleasant, musty odors and can cause serious health problems. Replacing the sink and cleaning up the damage will offer a clean slate.

2. Poor Water Pressure

There are all kinds of reasons a sink could start losing water pressure. In some cases, it’s the municipal water supply itself that’s to blame. In others, there are issues with the home’s water supply mains. However, if the water pressure is localized to just one sink, it’s almost always the fixture itself that’s to blame. Replacing the sink will resolve the problem.

3. Visible Damage

All areas of a kitchen, including its sink, need to be easy to clean to support good hygiene. If a sink is cracked, rusted, or stained, there’s no way to get it completely clean. Whether the damage came from hard water, infrequent cleaning, leaks, or other sources, installing a new one will eliminate the problems. Just be sure to take better care of the new one.

When to Replace Your Bathroom Sink

Like kitchens, bathrooms see a lot of use. Their sinks need to hold up to daily wear and tear, which can put a good deal of stress on them. Plus, while kitchen sinks are typically made of stainless steel, the average bathroom sink is composed of ceramic, porcelain, or another more attractive, but also less, durable material. Homeowners will need to replace their bathroom sinks if any of the following occurs:

1. Mold Growth

If there’s mold growing beneath the bathroom sink, that’s a sign something is seriously wrong. The chances are good that the sink is leaking, and even if the leak isn’t visible, the damage will be. In older homes, the sink design, itself, can contribute to mold growth. Older bathroom sinks often have poorly sloped counters that allow water to run off onto walls, pipes that don’t have sufficiently strong connections, and other serious issues. They need to be replaced.

2. Cracks and Damage

If the sink is starting to crack, it’s absolutely time to schedule a new sink installation near Spokane, WA. Attempting to repair the cracks can lead to ongoing leaks, materials that don’t match, and facing the same issue in the future even if the current repairs are effective. In comparison, the cost of replacing the sink will likely be quite low, as are the chances of the problem coming back immediately.

3. Need for More Room

Not all of the reasons to replace sinks involve poor function or the need for repair. If the family is growing, the best solution to accommodating everyone is often to install a larger sink or a double vanity.

Popular Options for Sink Replacement

Before scheduling a sink replacement or installation in Spokane, WA, homeowners need to decide what type of fixture they want. The three primary types of kitchen sinks are:

  1. Drop-in
  2. Undermount
  3. Farmhouse style

However, there are far more options for bathroom sinks. Popular styles include:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Pedestal
  • Drop-in
  • Vessel
  • Undermount
  • Corner
  • Console
  • Trough

Those are just a few of the types of bathroom sinks available. If you’re having trouble deciding which one will be the best fit, sink installation services can help you narrow down options.

Who to Call for Sink Installation & Replacement in Spokane, WA

If you’re looking for a local plumbing service that offers both bathroom and kitchen sink installations for competitive prices, you’ve come to the right place. Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has experience installing all kinds of different sinks. Give us a call to discuss your options or schedule an appointment today.

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