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Homeowners rarely think about the pipes in their houses. While they remain hidden in walls, under floors, in crawl spaces, and in attics, these pipes remain hard at work every day. Over time, they succumb to wear and tear, and repiping services in Spokane, WA become necessary. Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can be of help with this task. A failure to repipe the home in a timely manner can lead to disaster. Small water leaks can do significant damage. 

Sadly, they are the least of a homeowner’s concerns. A small leak is better than a flood of water rushing into the home. At times, a homeowner discovers they should have called for repiping services near Spokane, WA when they find raw sewage coming into the home. Nobody wants this disaster, so call us today to have the plumbing system inspected to catch any potential problems early. 

A person should not consider replumbing the home until they have to. This task comes with a price tag and involves cutting into walls and floors. Work with a local plumber with an excellent reputation to delay this task as long as possible. However, when it becomes necessary, call us. We’ll do the job right the first time. 

When Piping & Repiping Services Might Be Needed

Homeowners often miss signs they need pipe replacement throughout the home. The best inspection will be thorough and will provide information about the type of pipes found in the home. Galvanized pipes are of concern, as they are at risk of early failure. 

When a homeowner has multiple pipe leaks in a short period, this suggests the time has come for a whole house repiping or a partial repiping project. Low water pressure serves as a sign the time has come to replumb the home, particularly when the problem remains after a licensed plumber has cleaned all water lines in the home. 

Discolored water suggests rust is making its way into the water supply. This is usually the result of a problem within the pipes. Call for repiping services near you before one or more pipes burst or spring a leak. 

Partial Repiping

Homeowners often want to know if they must replumb the whole house or if they can do only a section at a time. The best plumber will provide an honest assessment of what work needs to be done. What are some ways to keep costs down? 

Consider only replacing those pipes that are exposed. In certain homes, wood paneling and other features make it challenging to access pipes in the walls. A homeowner can keep costs down by only replacing those pipes that are easily seen. 

Homeowners see these pipes in basements, crawl spaces, and utility rooms. The plumber won’t need to cut into walls to expose pipes when the homeowner selects this option. In fact, a homeowner may find the plumber can complete most of the work without damaging the home when they select this type of repiping project. 

Whole Home Repiping

Another option involves taking advantage of repiping services when the home is undergoing renovations. Have a plumber come out and inspect the pipes when the project is underway. They can then say if repiping services in Spokane, WA will be of benefit to the homeowner. 

Because many renovation projects involve replacing walls and floors, the pipes are easy to see during the project. Ask the plumber to inspect any pipes that feed upstairs rooms while the walls and floors are open. 

Choosing this option helps to keep the cost of the project low, as the owner has already accounted for much of the work in the renovation project budget. In addition, the homeowner has peace of mind knowing the plumber addressed hard-to-reach areas, and their newly renovated area won’t be torn up again in the coming years to address any pipe issues. 

Repiping Options

Speak with the plumbing provider to learn about options when carrying out this repiping project. Many homeowners wish to have copper pipes because they last for decades. However, they should also consider PEX repiping options. 

Using PEX to replumb the home limits the amount of demolition that must be done. Plumbers can run this flexible plastic hose with relative ease, and the hose lasts for 25 years. Speak with the plumber to see if this option is available and what the cost would be for the different options. 

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