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Heat Pumps in Spokane Valley, WA

Installing a new HVAC system can be a challenge. There are many options out there, each with its own benefits. Making an informed decision does not have to be a headache. Considering a heat pump installation? Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides professional heat pump installations near Spokane Valley, WA. Give us a call or contact us online for more information on how we can benefit your home and your family.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a great system for both heating and cooling. It’s perfect for all seasons. In summer, the heat pump draws warm air from your home and transfers it outdoors to keep your home cool. Another type of heat pump is a mini-split heat pump. This is a ductless system that can heat and cool your home. It regulates temperatures in individual rooms. At first glance, it may seem more costly to install a heat pump, but it comes with so many advantages.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

  • A heat pump is a cost-efficient system. It uses less electricity, saving you on your utility costs.
  • A heat pump also has a longer expected lifespan. A well-maintained heat pump ac unit can last up to 20 years, given that the maintenance is done by a professional.
  • Heat pumps are eco-friendly, and you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Heat pumps don’t work with combustion, so there is no risk of gas or carbon monoxide leaks as it is powered by electricity. This makes a heat pump much safer than traditional heating systems for your home.

Heat Pump Replacement

If you have a heat pump currently installed in your home and it is reaching the end of its lifespan, you may want to throw out the idea of further repairs and consider a replacement. Eventually, repairs may cost you more money and not do much good. Having your electric heat pump replaced may be a more cost-effective option for the future of your home.


The Best Heat Pump Installations in Spokane Valley, WA

For all your heat pump installations and repairs, boiler tune-ups and maintenance, gas line installation, and fireplace repairs, call Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We operate in Spokane Valley, WA, and surrounding areas. We are experienced in our field of expertise. You can count on us for friendly service and high-quality work. Call us now or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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