AC Tune-Up

AC Tune-Up in Spokane Valley, WA

Your HVAC system plays a vital part in keeping your home comfortable. However, neglecting maintenance on your system can leave you with persistent repairs and efficiency issues. Instead, allowing a professional contractor to conduct regular maintenance and an annual air conditioning tune-up on your HVAC system keeps it running strong and catches repairs before they become costly replacements or health and safety hazards. 

Our experts at Epic Electric, Heating and Cooling can help you with your tune-up services, so you can better understand the most efficient way to run your central cooling system. 

Are you searching for a trusted AC tune-up in Spokane Valley, WA? Our team can conduct your air conditioning tune-up, and highlight any areas of our AC system that need attention or improvements. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for your annual check-up service. Call us today to book your appointment, at (509) 368-9334.

When Should You Seek an AC Tune-Up Near You?

You may need an AC tune-up near you if your system hasn’t been inspected for a year or more, it has just undergone major injury or weather damage, or it’s experiencing persistent issues that aren’t responding to repairs. During an AC tune-up, our professionals will help you pinpoint the source of any AC inefficiencies and correct broken parts. We will also suggest any at-home methods that can help your air conditioner’s performance over the next year. 

Services For an AC Tune-Up in Spokane Valley, WA

When you sign up for our AC tune-up near Spokane Valley, one of our local and licensed professional team members will visit your home and inspect your AC system. After an AC inspection is finished, we will go over strong and weak points in your system and conduct any minor repairs or schedule major replacements. Annual tune-ups provide the ideal time to draft a replacement timeline, so you can properly plan when you will need a future HVAC installation.

AC Inspection

Our HVAC tune-up services start with an AC inspection. This allows us to highlight any water or refrigerant leaks, ductwork inefficiencies, electrical failure, frozen coils, or a broken fan. During this appointment, it’s important to discuss with our technicians any strange sounds, smells, or blocked parts you’ve noticed in your HVAC system recently.

AC Repair

As part of AC maintenance during your annual HVAC tune-up, we can repair any broken parts, so they don’t drive up your monthly costs over the next year. Starting the year fresh, with strong AC part performance sets you up for success and helps keep your home cool year round.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing is another available service during your annual tune-up. We can help detect radon, mold, mildew, dust, and more irritants in your air and set up systems to remove them. When you know what’s contaminating your air, it makes it easier to address it.

Assessing Monthly Cooling Costs

One of the most vital parts of your annual tune-up is going over monthly cooling costs. During your appointment, we can look over your monthly maintenance records and show you which months made your AC system work the hardest and whether weather or repairs are to blame. This can help you correct issues in the future. 

Cut Upfront Cooling Costs With Monthly Financing Options

Not all HVAC projects are planned. While our annual tune-up services help to provide the most accurate timeline for your HVAC’s lifespan, accidents happen and breakdowns can occur early. If your HVAC repair or replacement isn’t in your monthly budget, we can help cut costs with financing options from GreenSky Financing. In addition, we can point you to Washington state rebates and our seasonal coupons.

Trust Epic Electric, Heating and Cooling For Your AC Tune-Up in Spokane Valley, WA

When you require an AC tune-up near Spokane Valley to ensure your system safety, look no further than your local and licensed professional team at Epic Electric, Heating and Cooling. We keep our workstations tidy and free of any health hazards, so we keep your family safe. We come prepared with a van full of equipment and tools that will complete your project most efficiently, safely, and correctly. Our AC tune-up services offer the preventative care you need.

Are you searching for the best AC tune-up in Spokane Valley, WA? Our team has an expert contractor ready to get your home inspection done! Whether you’re looking for regular annual services or you’re noticing persistent issues in your AC system, we can help you restore its performance and make sure it’s safe. Call us today, at (509) 368-9334.

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