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AC Installation in Spokane Valley, WA

When you are looking for air conditioning installation services, it’s best to trust a local and licensed professional who will consider safety and accuracy first. Our team at Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing will provide a skilled contractor to complete your AC installation or replacement service safely and up to code. This protects you from having to worry about early part breakdowns or electrical and chemical hazards in your home.

Are you searching for a new AC installation near Spokane Valley, WA? Our team of skilled professionals will complete your AC installation safely and efficiently, so you can enjoy your new home cooling system as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to call our experts to book your services today, at (509) 368-9334.

Why Should You Seek HVAC Installation?

Upgrading from multiple window AC units to a central HVAC system can enhance your system’s efficiency and cut your monthly cooling cost. Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers reliable AC installation near you in Spokane or its surrounding neighborhoods. Our HVAC installation services correctly measure your home and assess its needs, so we make sure we’re choosing and installing the correct size unit for your home. 

Services For AC Installation in Spokane Valley, WA

Our services for AC installation in Spokane Valley, WA, handle both new heating and cooling installation projects and air conditioning replacement services. We can help you install new ductwork and run refrigerant lines or remove your existing system before installing your new HVAC model. During our initial appointment, we may take measurements and go over potential size requirements for your new home heating and cooling system. 

Heating and Cooling Installation

Our services for new HVAC installation help you determine the correct unit size to best cool your home. We can also help you go over energy-efficient models and weigh cost options. For example, some heating and cooling installation options cost more upfront but save you more money on monthly energy costs. After we help you decide on the best unit for your home, we will discuss any additional part requirements and possible state rebates.

AC Replacement

In addition to new installation services, we also offer air conditioning replacement services. During an AC replacement appointment, we can discuss issues you are having with your existing unit and ways we can improve it with a better HVAC system. Before completing your AC replacement, we will check your existing ductwork to ensure it is suitable for your new unit.  

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Neglecting maintenance on your AC unit leaves it vulnerable to early breakdowns and home hazards like electrical fires or deadly refrigerant exposure. We can help you schedule regular air conditioning maintenance appointments to ensure your system stays efficient and safe. 

During an air conditioning maintenance appointment, we will change your unit’s dirty air filter, check for clogged coils or inefficient parts, and can test for indoor air quality to determine if harmful irritants are lurking in your air. In addition to being useful to cut monthly costs, air conditioning maintenance also keeps your home a healthier space.

Financed HVAC Near You

When you’re searching for AC installation near you, it may be to handle more of an unexpected replacement. When your cooling cost isn’t part of your budget, it can be difficult to manage. That’s why our HVAC services take your heating and cooling cost into account, and we teamed up with GreenSky management to split up your payments.

In addition to financing options, we also provide seasonal coupons and Washington State rebates to help make your HVAC projects more affordable. Our goal is to make your system sustainable and safe without compromising your monthly cooling budget. 

Trust Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing For Your AC Installation in Spokane Valley, WA

Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is the best local and licensed professional HVAC team in Spokane, WA for your cooling needs. When your old air conditioner stops working, or it becomes the time to upgrade your current system, we’re ready with reliable tools and HVAC products to get the job done right. We’ll show up on time and always keep our job sites safe.

Are you searching for reliable AC installation in Spokane Valley, WA? Our trusted HVAC company provides high-quality air conditioning installation and repair services. Why trust just any contractor when you can achieve epic results instead? Call our experts at Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to book your appointment, at (509) 368-9334.

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