Water Heater Furnace Combo Services

Water Heater Furnace Combo Services in Spokane, WA

It used to be the case that only homeowners with boiler systems had the option to combine hot water production with home heating. Since newer homes rarely have the infrastructure to support boilers, homeowners had little choice but to install both water heaters and furnaces, often side by side, to accomplish two very similar functions. Now, all that has changed and it’s possible to get a water heater furnace combo in Spokane, WA that serves the same dual purpose but uses more modern technologies.

What Is a Hot Water Furnace Combo?

A water heater furnace combo is a modern appliance designed to provide both hot water and heat to the home. There are several models available, but most use tankless water heater technology and hydronic furnaces to accomplish this goal. The best part is that this type of hybrid water heater furnace can be installed in most modern homes without needing to make substantial infrastructure changes.

These systems are quite simple. The water heater is adequately sized to provide not just a constant supply of hot water for the home but also enough of it to run a hydronic furnace. The hydronic furnace heats air by passing it over a hydronic coil filled with hot water. From there, the heated air can be routed throughout the home via its existing HVAC ducts.

Although the technology behind water heater furnace combos in Spokane, WA is relatively new, homeowners are already making the switch in droves. Recent tests of first-generation combi systems have shown that these units are both safe and effective.

Benefits of Switching to a Water Heater Furnace Combo

Before calling around to see who can install an HVAC water heater, you might want to know more about why these units are becoming so popular. Every homeowner has their own set of reasons for making the switch away from traditional water heater and furnace technologies, but some of the most common of them include:

Reduced Footprint

Because a water heater furnace combo near Spokane, WA, incorporates two essential home systems into one, it reduces the amount of space required to house heating equipment. These systems always feature tankless water heaters, which can eliminate the need for older, tanked models, and often come with integrated hydronic heating units. While it is possible to retrofit existing furnaces and water heaters to meet this application, it’s always better to invest in a new, high-quality unit that’s purpose-designed.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters have been touted for years as a far more energy-efficient alternative to traditional models, and the ones used in water heater HVAC systems are no exception. The hydronic furnaces incorporated into these systems draw heat from the same energy-efficient unit, which confers much of that added efficiency on the home’s heating system, as well. Homeowners who switch to a fully integrated system can save around 60% when compared to installing independent traditional, tanked water heaters and gas furnaces.

Improved Safety

Switching to a hot water HVAC system can also improve your home heating system’s safety profile. Instead of having a separate gas furnace, which may or may not have adequate CO2 backdraft protection, the new equipment will rely on a single, high-efficiency burner. These systems are always either power-vented or feature sealed combustion burners, both of which are effective at eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Water Heater Furnace Combo Installation

If your home already has a water heater and an ordinary HVAC system complete with air ducts, it will take very little work to install a new hot water HVAC system. We’ll simply need to remove the old equipment before installing a new integrated system. There should be no need for adding gas lines or extra electrical circuits since the combo unit will be replacing your existing equipment, and since the unit is smaller, you’ll have more space after the installation.

Water Heater Furnace Combo Maintenance and Repairs

Just like independently operating furnaces and water heaters, combo units need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. The difference is that you’ll need to find an HVAC contractor that has experience working with this kind of brand-new technology. Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has already begun to install, maintain, and repair combo HVAC water heaters, so you can trust us with all of your cleaning and preventative maintenance needs.

Learn More About Water Heater Furnace Combos in Spokane, WA

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