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It would be difficult to even count the number of devices and appliances in your home that relies on electricity to run. We plug in everything from our kitchen appliances to our toothbrushes. Our dependence on electricity makes it even more important to find an electrician that can be trusted to keep everything running safely. At Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing there is no such thing as an unimportant electrical service. Even the smallest repairs or installations help to make your home safe. 

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Your Trusted Electrician Medical Lake WA

While many people feel comfortable with different repairs and projects around the home, home electrical repairs and installations are usually something that should be left to a professional repairman. As an electrician in Medical Lake WA, we are always ready to help with any installations, repairs, and electrical inspections that you need for your home or business. 


Electrical Installations in Medical Lake

A lot is resting on a quality installation, no matter how small the installation seems. If a connection is loose or something isn’t properly grounded, you could end up with a fire or shock hazard. Working with us ensures that everything is installed correctly. 


Circuit Interrupter Installation

Both types of circuit interrupters (GFCI and AFCI) are required by the National Electric Code. They give you crucial protection from ground faults and arc faults. If you don’t have them installed where they should be, give an electrician near you a call to have them installed. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans help you feel more comfortable in your home without turning the AC up too high. They can be tricky to install so you should always call your local electrician. You can install them in place of a current lighting fixture, or cut a space for the fixture in an empty ceiling. Either way, it takes a skilled hand to do the installation correctly. 


Electrical Panel Upgrades

If your wiring acts like the veins of your residential electrical system, your electrical panel is the heart, sending electricity to every outlet in your home. When it isn’t working correctly, there will be problems throughout the home. Upgrading your electrical service or having a new electrical panel installed can solve problems such as tripping breakers, and flickering lights.


Lighting Installation

If you are looking for an installation that can completely transform your home without too much time or effort, consider a lighting installation. Whether you are trying to bring more light into a room, or create a softer and dimmer environment, we have lighting solutions that will get the job done. We also offer outdoor lighting services such as motion sensor lights, landscape lighting, and more. 


Generator Installation

Outages not only cause your home to lose power, but they can make you feel powerless, too. You’re at the mercy of your power company to get the electricity back on again. When you have a generator, the power is in your hands again. You can keep your lights on and your refrigerator running while the utility company fixes downed lines or other problems. Have us install a generator so you don’t have to worry about outages again. 


EV Charger Installation

If you have an electric vehicle but are tired of relying on charging stations around town to recharge your car, have us install an EV charger in your garage. To get a charging station set up at home, you may need to install a new 240-volt outlet in your garage or upgrade your electrical panel. We can take care of every step of the process.


Electrical Repairs in Medical Lake

Time and constant use can have an impact on wiring, outlets, switches, light fixtures, and more. When something starts wearing out, scheduling an electrical repair quickly can prevent more problems. We will be there as quickly as we can to troubleshoot the problem. 


Outlet and Switch Repair 

If you notice how many times you use your outlets and switches in just one day, you can understand why they might get worn out quickly. Switches can get loose or stop working well and plugs can start falling out of outlets. You should also call if there are cracks on your switch or outlet plates since dust collecting in the cracks can be a fire hazard. 


Wiring Repair

Wiring can become damaged from wear and tear, rodents, leaks or flooding, nails and screws, and more. You will know that you need wiring repair or rewiring in Medical Lake if your lights are flickering and dimming or if there is a burning or melting smell in your home. You should have an electrical contractor come take a look at it as soon as possible.


Lighting Repair

Sometimes a broken light needs more than just a new lightbulb. Your light fixture may need new wiring or a new socket. If you have tried replacing the light bulb but it hasn’t fixed the problem, have an electrician near Medical Lake WA come and fix your lighting. 


Electrical Safety Inspections in Medical Lake

The National Electric Code is updated every three years. Unless you are reading the new version every time it comes out, the only way to know if your home is up to code is to have an electrical safety inspection. We recommend scheduling an inspection if you are selling your home, buying a home, or if you want to ensure the safety of your electrical system. We also suggest having an inspection every 5 years to catch problems before they happen. 


More Electrical Services That We Offer

If you need an electrical service that you don’t see listed on this page, there is a good chance we still offer it. Give us a call and ask about any services you may need. We also offer:

  • Generator Repair and Maintenance
  • Remodeling and Additions
  • Commercial Electrical Installations and Repairs
  • Home Theater Installations
  • Home Automation Services
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smart Home Services
  • UV Light and Indoor Air Quality Services


Need Electrical Services? Call an Electrician Medical Lake WA

Any time you need to have an electrical repair done in your home or you need something installed, you will want to contact a licensed company to do the work. Our electricians at Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have years of experience in caring for homes and businesses in Medical Lake. We are always here to take your call, we have straightforward pricing, and all of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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