Radiant Floor Heating Installation & Replacement

Radiant Floor Heating Installation in Spokane, WA

Many homeowners today are considering radiant floor heating installation in Spokane, WA and are turning to Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for help with this task. They are unhappy with their current heating system, which heats the residence using air that is already present. 

The system forces the air through the ductwork to various parts of the home. However, this system comes with several issues. 

Issues with Conventional Heating Systems

Conventional systems are very inefficient. The ductwork accounts for efficiency losses. In fact, a homeowner can lose up to 40 percent of the treated air in this ductwork. Radiant floor heating installation near Spokane, WA resolves this issue.

Additionally, any heating system that makes use of ductwork can spread allergens throughout the home. Hydronic systems use little electricity, making them ideal for homes that are off the grid or ones in areas with rising energy prices. 

When warm air rises in a room, it quickly loses heat. Cooler air then drops back down into the room. Many people find they feel the coldest right after their heating system cuts off. In addition, their head may be warm while their feet are freezing. 

How Radiant Floor Heating Resolves These Issues

A radiant heat system disperses heat over the floor surface. The air doesn’t get as hot, and the cold air remains near the ceiling. 

The homeowner determines the fuel source for the radiant flooring. Options include oil- and gas-fired boilers, solar water heaters, and wood-fired boilers. 

How Radiant Floor Heating Installation Works

People looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat their homes are discovering the benefits of a radiant floor heating installation in Spokane, WA. This heating system operates on the principle that heat rises. 

A conventional heating system heats the home by forcing air past a heat source. It then delivers the heated air throughout the home, but it doesn’t do so efficiently. 

A radiant floor heating system delivers heat to rooms in the home using heated water or an electric source. This heat rises from the floor to create a convection cycle. This cycle ensures warm air makes its way to all parts of the room. 

The invisible waves of thermal radiation travel upward. As they do so, they warm objects in the room. These objects then radiate the captured heat. People find the air temperature remains fairly constant, and anyone in the room is warm. The surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing their heat. 

Radiant floor heating installation near Spokane, WA is a more efficient way to deliver this heat. In fact, the United States Department of Energy reports radiant floor heating is significantly more efficient than radiant wall heating.

The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Installation in Spokane

Radiant floor heating installation or replacement near Spokane, WA comes with many benefits. We list a few of these benefits below. 

Radiant floor heating systems eliminate drafts. Forced air systems often lose heat because of drafts and gaps in ventilation. As there is no ductwork with radiant heating, homeowners no longer have this concern. 

This helps to bring energy costs down. Most cold air enters a home through the outside walls. The radiant system lines the floors and walls to prevent this from happening. In addition, the homeowner chooses which rooms to heat. 

People often find their allergies improve when they make the move to radiant floor heating systems. Eliminating the ductwork eliminates the dust and allergens that previously spread throughout the home when the system was in use. This also improves the air quality in the home. 

A radiant heating system operates quietly. In fact, people won’t hear the system running at all. There are no fans or blowers to cause disruptions when a person is speaking, watching TV, or trying to sleep. 

Hot air naturally rises. With radiant floor installation near you, homeowners benefit from this natural phenomenon. 

One Drawback 

Radiant floor installation near you comes with one drawback. It isn’t as effective in homes with carpeting. The carpet and any padding will reduce the heat coming from the floors. This type of flooring works best with hard surfaces, as there are fewer obstacles between the heat rising from the floor and objects in the room. 

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