Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair in Spokane, WA

When winter begins to draw near, homeowners across Spokane and beyond prepare their properties by cleaning gutters, mulching garden beds, sealing drafty windows, and, if they’re smart, scheduling boiler inspections. Those inspections allow professional technicians to determine whether the system will need repairs before the temperatures start to drop. That way, homeowners can schedule boiler repairs for a convenient time when they won’t need heat instead of having to call an emergency service.

Types of Boilers

Before discussing signs of trouble and when to have them repaired, it’s worth revisiting the basics for homeowners who need a refresher. After all, you need to know what type of boiler the home has to understand what’s wrong with it. Thankfully, there are only three types of boilers:

Traditional Boilers

Traditional boilers are sometimes referred to as regular boilers or heat-only models. They serve just one function, and it’s heating the home. A traditional boiler will be quite effective at performing that one essential task, but it won’t provide a hot water supply, and they’re quite large. Each one needs a cold water reservoir, a heating unit, and a hot water cylinder that provides heating to the home’s radiators. They’re good for homes that have older radiators.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers act as both heaters and water heaters. Unlike traditional boilers, they don’t need reservoirs and hot water tanks. Instead, a combination boiler uses a heat exchanger to heat water directly from the home’s municipal water supply. They take up less space and can replace two different household systems, but combination boilers don’t work well in older homes with poor water pressure or flow rates.

System Boilers

System boilers are more like traditional models than combination boilers in that they use hot water systems and provide only heat without hot water. The primary difference is that they are designed for closed systems, so most of the components that are found outside a regular boiler are integrated into a system boiler. System boilers are ideal for homes with high water demand, but their flow rates are dependent on the water pressure coming from the mains.

Signs It’s Time for Boiler Repair in Spokane

No homeowner wants to deal with a boiler that suddenly gives out in the dead of winter. The best way to avoid that problem is to keep an eye out for common signs it’s time for boiler repair near Spokane, WA. That way, you can find a company that offers boiler repair near you without having to scramble to find an emergency heating and cooling technician to come out in the middle of the night. Keep an eye out for:

Low Pressure

When the pressure is low in a boiler system, it creates problems with hot water distribution, which, in turn, affects how hot the house gets. If the system is on and the thermostat is working as intended, but there’s no hot water getting to the radiators, it’s often a pressure issue. You can check by taking a look at the boiler’s pressure gauge. If it’s below one, it’s time to call a local repair tech.

Insufficient Heat

If there’s hot water in the boilers, but it just doesn’t seem to be doing enough, that can also be a sign of circulation problems. If the water can’t circulate through the system efficiently, it won’t be able to provide consistent heat via the boilers. A heating and air company will help with diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Cracks and Leaks

Seasonal temperature changes can eventually cause an older boiler to crack, which creates an opportunity for leaks. Over time, those leaks lead to significant water damage. They also leave families without adequate heat since there isn’t enough water in the boiler to route it to the radiators efficiently.

Utility Bill Spikes

It’s normal for utility bills to go up in the winter, but not without explanation. If that happens, the first thing to check is the home’s boiler system.

Boiler Installation

Sometimes, boiler repairs in Spokane, WA isn’t the best solution. A new boiler installation is a better fit if the current unit is old, unable to provide for the family’s current needs, or losing efficiency. It’s also a better option if the boiler seems to need constant repairs. We can usually continue making them, but it’s more cost-effective to just have the unit replaced.

Who to Trust With Boiler Repairs in Spokane, WA

You can’t just call a random HVAC company for help repairing a boiler system. These specialized systems require the services of expert plumbers who can also perform boiler repairs. The good news is that Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides a full range of home system services, including all forms of heater repairs. Give us a call today.

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