Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance in Spokane, WA

Just about every homeowner has an annual, pre-winter maintenance checklist. Scheduling a boiler service call should be at the top of that list. Thankfully, Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides a full range of maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all kinds of boilers.

Types of Boilers

There are three different types of boilers, each of which comes with a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. If you’re switching to a boiler system from a different form of home heating, it’s essential to take the time to learn about each option and find the one that’s most suitable for your home.

Traditional Boilers

Traditional boilers, also referred to as heat-only boilers, are composed of three main parts:

  1. The boiler itself
  2. A hot water storage tank
  3. A cold water storage tank

The boiler system works by feeding hot water into the home’s radiator system and storing it in the hot water tank for on-demand use. Traditional boilers are most suitable for large properties with high hot water demands and older heating systems that can’t tolerate high pressures. Heat-only boilers are also a good option if you live in an area with low water pressure coming from the mains. However, it may not be compatible with a newer heating system and you’ll need to wait a little longer for the house to heat up.

Combination Boilers

Also referred to as combi boilers, combination boilers feature metallic heat exchangers that allow them to produce hot water on demand via combustion. Unlike traditional boilers, combi boilers don’t need separate hot water tanks.

Combi boilers are very energy efficient and convenient since they can heat both homes and their water supplies. Plus, combination boilers are more compact since they don’t need water tanks or cylinders. However, they are not ideal for large properties with multiple bathrooms that could be in use at the same time or for areas with low water pressure.

System Boilers

System boilers sit in a middle ground between heat-only and combi models. They can both provide hot water for radiators and heat water on demand. The water is supplied to the unit via the mains, as with combi boilers, but it then gets stored in a separate hot water tank, as with heat-only models.

System boilers are ideal for large properties that have high hot water demands but need a little extra flexibility when it comes to choosing an installation location. Unfortunately, the applications for system boilers in older homes are few. They’re not typically suitable for areas with low pressure in the water mains or for older systems that can’t handle high water pressure. 

Why Boiler Maintenance Is Important

As with all heating and cooling systems, boilers require professional maintenance at least once a year. Boiler maintenance near Spokane, WA is important because it ensures that the unit is in good operational shape going into the home heating season. During each service visit, a technician will perform a full boiler inspection and identify any potential issues that should be resolved before the temperatures start to drop.

Regular heater maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns, keeps boilers running at maximum efficiency, and ensures that the units last as long as possible. The experts at Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing recommend that homeowners schedule boiler maintenance in Spokane, WA once a year, which is the same schedule required by most manufacturers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Maintenance in Spokane, WA

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Boiler Service?

The best time to schedule boiler service is before the home heating season begins. That way, a technician will be able to evaluate the unit and identify minor issues before they lead to system breakdowns on the coldest nights of the year.

How Often Should a Combi Boiler Be Serviced?

A combi boiler needs to be serviced at least once a year to ensure that it is running safely and efficiently. Failing to schedule a service visit can lead to higher energy bills, a shorter unit lifespan, and a voided warranty, so don’t put it off.

Are There Warning Signs of Boiler Failures?

Warning signs of boiler failures include low pressure, inadequate heat, a lack of hot water, unpleasant smells, visible leaks, and higher-than-usual utility bills. However, homeowners shouldn’t wait until these warning signs arise. Scheduling routine preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid boiler failures.

Who to Call for Boiler Maintenance in Spokane, WA

Don’t just look up the first company that provides boiler maintenance near you and assume that’s the best option. It’s important to hire experienced professionals, and not all HVAC companies know how to work on boilers. Instead of taking a chance, call Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule a preventative maintenance visit with an experienced local boiler service.

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